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Mini BLACKTOP SAUCE Duo Packs - Ukuva iAfrica

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The perfect gift - two of our most popular sauce flavours in small bottles with black tops (instead of wire-tops), packed in a gift box with space to write your own greeting or message on the back of the box!

Choose your combination:

Zulu + Chakalaka

Zulu + Safari BBQ

Swazi + Zulu

Swazi + Chermoula

Malawi + Zulu

Malawi + Chakalaka

Harissa + Zulu

Harissa + Perri Peri

Chakalaka + Swazi

Chakalaka + Cape Curry

Safari BBQ + Peri Peri

Safari BBQ + Chakalaka

Cape Curry + Safari BBQ

Cape Curry + Peri Peri

Peri Peri + Zulu

Peri Peri + Chakalaka

Chermoula + Cape Curry

Chermoula + Chakalaka



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