Seasoning Tub - GRILL - Cape Treasures
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Seasoning Tub - GRILL - Cape Treasures

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One of the seriously clever blends - the spice flavours are chosen to improve on the grill: cumin and coriander provide the classic flame-grill flavours (helped by a touch of hickory). Chilli and garlic oil start their work before the meat gets to the grill, while the ginger and mustard support the meaty flavours with warm undertones.

Great with chicken or beef - it is simply stunning on pork!

For vegetarian friends, make a butternut roast: Toss chunks of butternut, red pepper, onion petals and whole cloves of garlic in some olive oil - sprinkle with Grill Seasoning and roast in a moderate oven. In a pan, toast some chopped peanuts - before removing from heat, season with Grill Seasoning - use as a topping/garnish for the roast butternut.

Nice to know: 2,5% of the sales price of this product is paid to the Fair Trade Trust that pays the school fees of more or less 200 children per year - every year since 2003...

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