Grinder - Braai Salt - Ukuva iAfrica
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Grinder - Braai Salt - Ukuva iAfrica

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This blend does magic with meat - just the right levels of spice, heat, smoke and sweetness to work with the flame grilling process and highlight the best meaty flavours of beef, lamb, ostrich, springbok, kudu and pork steak.

Braai Salt is a complex blend with lots of foodie talents (like the Braai Master who has many, many braai years behind him!) : salt, garlic, sugar, mustard, coriander & cumin, paprika, black & white pepper, cumin, chilli, herbs & hickory.

Ukuva's resident ‘Braai Master’ advises: salt the meat as it goes onto the gril and don’t overcook it. Rather take it off a little early and rest it for 10 minutes. Most meat (except chicken - which according to the local carnivores, ought to be regarded as a vegetable) is at its best, slightly rare.

Nice to know: Since 2003, we have paid 2,5% of the sales price of every product we sold, to the Fair Trade Trust that is used for the education of the workers (and their families) at the factories that make our products.


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