Ukuva Sauce - "Not hot at all..." (or the flavour-nostalgia range)

Ukuva's "Not hot at all" range (or maybe we should call it the homesick sauces!) came about when people - whenever we showed up at a trade show in the UK, Europe or the USA - started asking (in a whistfull tone of voice): "Do you remember Sosaties (or burgers at that place near Tokai, or Cape Brijani and pickled fish...)"

So, we made Sosatie (Safari) BBQ (the original Sosatie Sauce), Chakalaka (the best burger sauce EVER), Cape Curry (the mild, lyrical yellow curry of the Bo-Kaap) and Chermoula (the fresh, crisp, tangy tastes of North Africa).

All are made to deliver layers and layers of flavour-nostalgia in every bite... they are not hot at all, and they have fans of all ages. We also call them 'party-sauces' - they're perfect to use in party food or just leave them on the table at a cook-out - the fans will find them!